UES Heavy Flannel Shirt #502252 YELLOW

220.00 inkl. MwSt

100% Aspero Baumwolle ( handgepflückt)

14,5oz schweres Flannel Shirt

Made in Japan

UES heavy flannel shirts are characterized by their thick fabric and the texture expressed by weaving with a power loom. The warp and weft threads are well-balanced, and the fabric moves appropriately to improve comfort. The dyed fabric using the direct dye will gradually fade as you wear it. You can enjoy the subtle color tones. The back is slightly brushed, giving it a soft feel and improving heat retention.

1/S 2/M 3/L 4/XL 5/XXL
Brust 51 53 55 59 62
Schulter 44 46 48 51 53
Länge 67 69 70 72 73
Ärmel 60 62 64 65 65